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Create your first plan

So, you’ve got an account created. Lets begin creating your own personalised Zoazi plan.

After the account setup process detailed above, you should arrive at this page:

You can select either Race / Run performance depending on your training goal.

Race Performance:

If you select “Race Performance,” you’ve probably got a race in mind that you want to work towards. From this screen you can select the Race Distance, and whether you have a target race time.


Select “Continue” once you’re happy with the dates, distances and race times.


Run performance:

If you select “Run Performance” you’ve probably got a specific distance or duration that you want to achieve. From this screen you can select the Race Distance and whether you have a target time.

Select “Continue” once you’re happy with your set distances and run times.

Personalise your plan:

This screen will allow you to tell us more about how your average week of running looks like, you can select how long you usually run for in a week and the overall distance you think you cover.

Similarly, if you have run a race recently, you can tell us how that went. We’ll factor this result into your personalised Zoazi plan.


Ready to Roll:

You’re almost ready to get going!

This is the final screen in the plan builder. Here, you can tailor the plan to your weekly schedule and make some finely tuned tweaks to the plan so far. Once you’re happy with how the plan looks, hit the “Let’s go” button, accept the T&C’s then you’re ready to go.

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